From investing in shares to ensuring your retirement plan offers you the lifestyle you want, understanding your finances is the key to financial freedom.

Get a grip on your personal finances by talking to our partner Richard Anderson and his team at AIIG, who can help you build the right strategy for your financial goals and desired lifestyle, no matter what age or financial situation you are currently in.

Making shares easy to understand.

Buying shares in either the company you work for or a publicly listed company, makes you a partial owner along with the other shareholders. Companies issue shares for a number of reasons like raising money for growth, or to cover an unexpected overhead.

Investing in shares has many benefits including a high level of liquidity, but you need to assess all of the aspects of owning shares to know how they impact other financial areas like your yearly tax returns. The team at AIIG can quickly and easily explain what shares mean to your bottom line finances.

This way, you’ll be able to choose the personal finance option that best suits your needs and goals, taking control of your cash flow in the process.

Your retirement plans.

Getting your superannuation plan right now, will make your lifestyle much more enjoyable in the years to come. As a long term savings plan there are several easy things you can do to grow your superannuation savings.

And it’s not just about contributing more, you can also capitalise by consolidating your current super accounts, making use of the Government co-contribution, thinking about a salary sacrifice, making your own contributions or simply forming a better strategy for your investment.

Planning the handover of your assets.

Planning for the future of your assets if you become unable to manage them yourself, is always important. This estate planning should form a part of your retirement plan and can involve making serious, sometimes difficult decisions like updating your will, granting a power of attorney and setting up trusts.

To make this process as easy as possible, the team at AIIG will help you record all of your important personal information and catalogue your investments, making the handover of your assets a pleasure for you and your loved ones.

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