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Do you have a valid will?

Lend2U Finance - 11 March 2016

Have you given any thought to what will happen to your assets when you pass away?

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National Housing Update - September 2015

Lend2U Finance - 14 September 2015

CoreLogic RP Data Research Director Tim Lawless presents the latest national housing & economic data from last month, as well as a break down in capital cities.

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Adelaide's Housing Market Update - released June 2015

Lend2U Finance - 10 June 2015

Watch the latest Housing Market Update for Adelaide, SA. The housing and economic data is derived from the CoreLogic RP Data Hedonic Home Value Index for the month of May 2015, released June 2015. Presented by Tim Lawless, Research Director at CoreLogic RP Data.

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Watch this month's housing market update across capital cities

Lend2U Finance - 12 May 2015

The latest results take the year-to-date level of capital gain up 3.8% over the first four months of the year, and dwelling values are now 7.9% higher over the past 12 months.

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Tips for paying off your mortgage faster

Lend2U Finance - 28 April 2015

Did you know that the faster you pay off your home loan, the less money you will have to pay in interest? By putting some proactive strategies in place to get your home loan paid down sooner, you could really save yourself some money! If you’re keen to make some serious headway on your mortgage debt, here’s a few tips that could help you get ahead.

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How to increase your borrowing power

Lend2U Finance - 03 March 2015

With interest rates at record lows and property values experiencing steady growth, property investment is now one of the most popular ways to build wealth for your future and retirement. But getting the financing in place to fund your wealth building plans can be a hurdle. So how can you increase your borrowing power to help you take advantage of current opportunities? In this article we take a look at some of the things that banks and lending organisations take into consideration before approving your investment loan.

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