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Lend2U Finance proudly helps our clients secure their biggest financial investments, like turning a dream home into reality. See how our team can help you with your property needs with home loans in Adelaide.

If you’re researching your first home, an investment property or looking to take advantage of lower interest rates, you’ll know how much time, planning and industry knowledge is required to make the right decisions. Mortgage is complicated and it needs to be approached with care.

Fortunately, it is possible to have expert home loan in Adelaide advisors on your side, that will not try to push or squeeze you into a pre-made plan like a bank or lender will. Lend2U Finance does the opposite; we help you find a lender that best suits your plans.

Better understand your mortgage options.

How much deposit do I need? How much can I borrow? How can I repay my mortgage faster? For 25 years now we’ve been helping clients answer these questions, leveraging ever evolving financial software and in-depth negotiation experience with Australia’s major banks and lenders.

Lend2U Finance also helps remove the risks associated with going directly to a lender or bank, who often don’t take your life ‘outside of your mortgage’ into consideration. We do, and we help you structure your overall assets and finances to achieve your financial goals and freedom. Be sure to check out our testimonials to see what our clients say about our approach!

Save valuable time

Wading through fees, fine print and understanding complex interest rates can be time consuming when you are looking for a home loan in Adelaide. Then there’s the time required to book appointments, travel, meet and compare multiple lenders, that usually don’t present their terms in easy to compare formats. This time quickly adds up.

Our brokers simplify everything, we ask the right questions, present the best options for your budget and explain the entire home loan process in simple, clear terms. And it all starts by meeting you at the time and place of your choice.

Short and long term benefits

With long term connections to business managers at banks and loan offices, we can help negotiate the best interest rates and speed up your approval process if you need it. Generally we can get home loans in Adelaide approved faster than going directly to a bank.

Your dream home may just be a call away!

That’s right. At Lend2U Finance, the personalised and honest service we offer will help you get approved for a home loan in Adelaide faster. What’s more, if you don't like the interest rate you are paying for your mortgage at the moment and want to switch, we can help too. Don't let your dream home remain a dream any longer. With us by your side, it will be a reality soon.

Importantly, our home loan in Adelaide services are free of charge as we are paid by the lender of your choice if you choose to go ahead. Our clients love this, and we look forward to meeting you for a commitment free consultation soon.

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“The most helpful broker I have ever dealt with. Michael came to my work to have consultation and that definitely helped a lot when you have a full time job.”     Selena - EDWARDSTOWN, SA.