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With the changing market and changing laws in relation to borrowing money, an increasing number of people use the services of a mortgage broker to get ahome loan in Enfield. There are a number of financial and non-financial benefits of using a mortgage broker when choosing ahome loan in Enfield. There are also a large number of factors to consider when choosing the broker you want to arrange yourhome loan in Enfield.

Do you need a broker?

One of the first considerations when determining whether or not to use a broker is whether you feel confident that you can organise your loan application on your own.

One consideration when determining if you need a broker, is establishing what the broker will do. When you approach Lend2U Finance to apply for a home loan in Enfield, they will take the following steps:

  • They will collect all of the relevant documentation for a home loan application;
  • They will collect all of your relevant information;
  • They will evaluate all of your information;
  • They calculate the loan amount that you will be eligible for and advise you on the amount that you should borrow;
  • They will provide a recommendation based on your specific situation;
  • They will liaise with the financial institutions on your behalf;
  • They will prepare and lodge your loan application; and
  • They will liaise with settlement agents for the purchase of your property.

The difference a broker will make

A broker, such as the brokers from Lend2U Finance can help to ensure that you get the perfect loan for your circumstances. They will examine your situation and have the industry knowledge to contact Lend2U

As Lend2U Finance is a small family owned business they take to the time to work out exactly what home loan in Enfield is the best suited to your situation. They know the local market well and they can ensure that you are getting the best loan for your situation.

Brokers at Lend2U Finance have been in the business for over 25 years, so have long standing relationships with the loan institutions. This long standing relationship means that they know the products of all of the financial institutions and can recommend what product is best suited to you.

Choosing the best broker

If you decide to go down the path of using a broker to ease your journey to get a home loan in Enfield, you need to ensure that you choose your broker well. When choosing a broker you want to ensure that they have sound knowledge of the field and can get you the best loan possible.Lend2U Finance are leaders in the field, not only for their knowledge of the industry, but also for their outstanding customer service and personable approach. Their hands on, personable approach takes the stress out of your home loan application and it ensures that acquiring yourhome loan in Enfield will be a completely positive experience.

“Michael from Lend2U, was amazing. He made refinancing my mortgage so simple & straight forward. I had the utmost faith in him and he delivered the best result. I am so grateful that he helped me consolidate my loans and am now paying less interest and saving. I would highly recommend Lend2U to anyone in need of financial or lending advice. They are kind, understanding & strive hard to get the best deal for you. Thank you Lend2u.”     Ina – PARA VISTA, SA